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Pay and benefits
The salary idea:performance,dedication return:in the distribution according to firm performance and contribution evaluation results of the income gap, to ensure the high performance and high return; under the same performance conditions,the opportunity to long service life,dedication,cultural identity of employees with high inclination.The humanized staff welfare -- "happy,healthy life" a number of subsidies:company managers enjoy housing subsidies:company managers enjoy continuing education subsidies;staff enjoy the meal subsidies;self driving official business can enjoy the cost of oil subsidies;reward system:gold sales award,innovation award,excellent team leader, monthly excellent staff,outstanding staff,advanced collectives and individuals,outstanding staff quarters,the cost of the magnitude of a number of awards,giving bonuses.Insurance plan:employees are entitled to statutory social insurance (pension,medical,childbirth,job injury,unemployment) and housing provident fund,while the company provides commercial insurance in line with the characteristics of the job.Benefits:the company employees on the wedding,birth,hospital,funeral and other appropriate benefits.Paid vacation:in addition to the state's statutory holidays,employees will also enjoy annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave,funeral leave etc..The household registration policy for eligible employees free of charge for recruitment,recruitment,conditioning; procedures;handle settled for outstanding graduates.Staff dormitory: provide dormitory for the staff in need,the living facilities are all ready.Health insurance: provides a free medical examination for employees every year,and provides post allowance for some jobs in summer.Transportation services:provide free,convenient and efficient bus for employees.The Kangle plan:employees enjoy a holiday tourism opportunities:warm collective birthday activities are held regularly;a large variety of team activities (Changqing,annual party,singing contest,table tennis,basketball,tug of war and so on) will be held.