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In silicon valley, venture capital is not suitable for women?
Time : 2017/9/15    Clicks : 1468    Public:Shenzhen Crescent Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

As China's reform and opening up the vanguard, Shenzhen has long been the layout of the international market. Especially in recent years, in the "one way all the way" to go out of the strategy to promote the Shenzhen municipal government to take a number of policy measures, proactive implementation of the "going out" strategy to encourage enterprises to global operations. Shenzhen, as the well-known enterprises in the LED industry, Shenzhen City, the new moonlight ushered in the Indian government delegation to visit.

In order to let export enterprises more in-depth understanding of the local policy and business environment in India, in Shenzhen City Economic and Trade and Information Technology Cooperation Office Deputy Director Li Xin and Shenzhen LED Industry Association Sui Shirong, led by the organization, the Indian side On July 21 came to Shenzhen Crescent Photoelectric Co., Ltd. to communicate and understand the field, the new moon photoelectric packaging production operations vice president Chen Ying accompanied the whole reception.
In this exchange, the Indian delegation to visit the new moon photoelectric headquarters, production workshop, a more in-depth understanding of the LED light source products in the production process, learn from the development of new moon photoelectric experience to promote the development of local LED industry.

During the visit, Crescent photo Chen made a detailed introduction to our Indian representative, as well as the market status of Shenzhen LED, as well as Crescent Optoelectronics. Now the main products are single imitation lumens series, integrated package series, COB series, de-power source The The factory is equipped with single and integrated two 100,000 clean packaging workshop, the industry's leading production equipment, solid crystal machine, imported wire feeder, powder machine, hot and cold impact box, tunnel furnace, while the new moon Quality of the imported chip (wavelength 360-840), purity 99.99% gold wire, imported silicone and other raw materials agreed.

In the two sides jointly organized by the exchange forum, the Indian government economic and trade part of the person in charge of India in the development and promotion of LED policy dividend. It is reported that at the beginning of 2015, Indian Prime Minister Moody's announced including government buildings, street lights and ordinary people to promote the family of LED energy-saving lamps and other packages, and start LED home and street lighting program "bright road movement." In addition, the Energy Efficiency Agency (BEE) of the Indian Ministry of Electricity and the Indian Semiconductor Lighting Contract Energy Management Group (EESL) are also launching the "road map" of the business model for LED lighting government procurement.